Boating Bill Passes Kentucky Senate
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that would require law enforcement officers of Kentucky's waterways to meet stricter standards before stopping and boarding recreational boats.

Marina operators, testifying before legislators, have recently reported a growing wave of complaints from boaters about overzealous officers.

The bill's sponsor is Republican Sen. Chris Girdler of Somerset, whose district includes the Lake Cumberland region, a boating and fishing haven.

Girdler says that the bill will also be an important protection for the tourism-based economy in the state's boating areas.  The bill passed out of the Senate on Thursday on a 35-0 vote. It now moves to the House for consideration.

Published 10:30 PM, Thursday Feb. 20, 2014
Updated 06:49 PM, Thursday Feb. 20, 2014

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