Carroll Hubbard Permanently Disbarred in KY
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - Paducah attorney and former US Congressman Carroll Hubbard, who was suspended from practicing law last year, has been permanently disbarred.

Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton ruled Thursday that Hubbard cannot practice law in the state after Hubbard admitted he violated the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct in 2019. 

Hubbard was suspended from practicing law for 60 days in April 2019 for lying under oath during a hearing, after he was confronted by another attorney, to whom he had written a disparaging letter. 

Following the suspension, he was supposed to file an affidavit of compliance within the next 180 days, but he didn't file it until December 2019 - two months too late. That same month, an inquiry commission learned that Hubbard had been representing a client in a criminal matter since that summer.

Documents show Hubbard acknowledged that his conduct violated the rules and asked that the Supreme Court terminate proceedings against him by the Kentucky Bar Association since he filed a motion to resign as a practicing attorney, with no possible reinstatement.

Minton ruled that Hubbard is disbarred, should pay associated court costs, and must notify all of his clients within ten days that he can no longer represent them. 

Hubbard, who is 83, has practiced law since 1962. A Democrat for all of his political career, he switched to the Republican party in 2019 and ran for Kentucky State Representative against incumbent Steven Rudy, but lost in the June 23 primary. 

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Published 08:53 PM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020
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