Chief Justice Warns of Job Cuts in Judicial Branch
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - Kentucky's chief justice says the governor's scaled back budget proposed for the judiciary would jeopardize nearly 400 jobs in the judicial branch.

Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. spoke to a House budget review subcommittee on Tuesday.

He said Gov. Andy Beshear's budget proposal falls nearly $49 million short of fully funding court operations for the next two years.

He says court operations would take another $7.5 million hit each year through a fund transfer.

Minton says if lawmakers go along with the governor's recommendation, the judicial branch would have to cut 387 positions, or 11% of its non-elected workforce.

Published 07:44 AM, Wednesday Feb. 12, 2020
Updated 11:33 AM, Wednesday Feb. 12, 2020



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