Eminent Domain Contested for Proposed Pipeline
FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky Energy Secretary Len Peters doesn't believe a private company that wants to build a pipeline to carry natural gas liquids across the state can use eminent domain to obtain the right of way.

Peters told a legislative committee on Thursday that he reached that conclusion based on a review of state law. His position differs from that of company executives who insisted that they do have authority to take easements if landowners are unwilling to accept a deal.

The Bluegrass Pipeline, being built by Williams Co. and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners of Texas, would cross northern and central Kentucky.

The material to be carried by the pipeline is a liquid byproduct of the natural gas refining process that is used to make plastics, medical supplies and carpet, among other products.

Published 03:48 PM, Thursday Sep. 05, 2013
Updated 03:50 PM, Thursday Sep. 05, 2013

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