Gov. Beshear's Monday COVID-19 Update
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - During his Monday COVID-19 update, Governor Andy Beshear announced 42 new cases in the state for a total of 480 cases.

The new cases include one new case in Marshall County, and a case in Christian County. Beshear also announced two more deaths related to the virus. They do not include the new case announced in Graves County on Monday.

Beshear announced a new executive order limiting out of state travel. He says anyone that travels to another state will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days, although there are some exemptions in place. Those include work, groceries, to care for a loved one, obtaining health care, or when required by a court order.

"Right now we have more cases in other states," the Governor said. "What it means is your likelihood of getting infected and potentially bringing back the coronavirus may be greater in other states than ours. You need to be home anyways."

He also provided the following ten steps to fight COVID-19:

• Stay Healthy at Home - Leave only for essential items such as groceries once a week.

• Avoid Crowds & Gatherings - Avoid crowds of any size, including home visits, recreational areas, or crowded shopping.

• Practice Social Distancing - Maintain six feet between you and others at all times.

• Know When to Seek Care - Follow the 'When to seek care' guidelines available at the link below.

• KYCOVID19.KY.GOV - Stay up-to-date through reliable sources such as the link below.

• Wash Hands & Surfaces - Use soap and warm water and wash hands for 20+ seconds. Frequently disinfect regularly used surfaces.

• Apply for Benefits - Kentucky has expanded unemployment benefits. If you have not applied, visit the link below.

• Prioritize Mental Health - Seek out virtual social opportunities and maintain routine. • Do Not Travel - The safest place for you and others is at home. Do not travel by car or plane.

• Report Non-Compliance - If you see individuals or businesses not complying with COVID-19 guidelines, report them to the KYSAFER hotline at 1-833-KYSAFER.

Beshear has also signed Senate Bill 150, the coronavirus relief bill, into law. He thanked lawmakers for their quick action, which codifies many measures that have already been taken. The bill gives the telehealth system more flexibility, prohibits non-emergent procedures, allows for the delivery of alcohol, and creates more flexibility in deciding who is eligible for unemployment insurance.

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Published 06:40 PM, Monday Mar. 30, 2020
Updated 05:53 PM, Tuesday Mar. 31, 2020



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