Governor Beshear Gives Brief Video Update
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - There are 244 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, according to Governor Andy Beshear.

The governor released a short update video on YouTube Saturday instead of doing his typical one-hour live press conference. In the video, he acknowledged a higher number of cases today, but a lower number of deaths - only two.

The two people who died were a 90-year-old from Muhlenberg County and a 74-year-old from Jefferson County. 

Ninety-four of the new cases were in Jefferson County, where there has been increased testing. Beshear said there has been an outbreak of the virus at the JBS Swift meat packing plant in Butchertown and at the Maryhurst long-term care facility. JBS Swift also had a high number of new cases reported on Friday.

Currently 438 people are hospitalized and 270 of those are in Intensive Care Units. 

So far during the pandemic, 2,768 people have tested positive for COVID-29 in Kentucky, and 334 have died. 

Beshear encouraged everyone to stay "healthy at home," and "healthy at work," following restrictions and guidelines, looking out for another and being kind to one another.

There will be no update on Sunday, but Beshear will resume live news conferences at 4:00 pm on Monday. 

Published 07:38 PM, Saturday May. 16, 2020
Updated 06:47 PM, Sunday May. 17, 2020



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