Hubbard Suspended from Practicing Law for 60 Days
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - A Paducah attorney and former US Congressman has been suspended from practicing law for 60 days for lying under oath.

According to Kentucky Supreme Court documents, Carroll Hubbard, who is 81 years old, was representing a client in October 2017 in a a McCracken Family Court case, but the opposing attorney, Alisha Bobo, sought to disqualify him. In a subsequent hearing, Bobo accused Hubbard of sending her a letter that called Bobo and her wife "pitifull (sic) fat, ugly lesbians." After initially denying under oath that he wrote and mailed the letter, then told the judge he "can't remember the magic words." When the judge asked if he wanted to plead the 5th Amendment (so he would not incriminate himself), Hubbard said yes. 

Hubbard reported himself to the Kentucky Bar Association and issued an public apology in February 2018, saying he used "incredibly insensitive and disparaging language" in his anonymous letter to the Bobos. Last April, the Bar Association's Inquiry Commission charged Hubbard with five counts of misconduct for his actions in court. 

The Supreme Court ruled Friday that Hubbard cannot practice law for 60 days, and he must write letters of apology to the Bobos and to Judge Deanna Wise Henschel. 

Hubbard has been practicing law since 1962, and served in the US House of Representatives from 1975 to 1993. After becoming involved in the House banking scandal, Hubbard lost the 1992 election, then plead guilty to violations of campaign finance laws and served three years in prison. 

In 2001, a unanimous decision by the Kentucky Bar Association board of governors against reinstating Hubbard's law license was overruled by the state Supreme Court, based on his "good moral character."

Hubbard has a law office on Kentucky Avenue in Paducah.

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Published 09:54 AM, Saturday Apr. 20, 2019
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