Judge Faces Criticism Over Comments Again
LOUISVILLE, KY - A judge who was removed from a death penalty case over comments he made to the defendant and his attorney is facing new criticism over remarks in a separate case.

The Courier-Journal reports senior Judge Martin McDonald told public defender Carlos Wood during a hearing this month that he was acting like he didn't know what was going on during the proceeding. When Wood objected, McDonald said his part of the hearing was over.

Chief Jefferson County public defender Dan Goyette called McDonald's comments inappropriate and "disrespectful."McDonald declined to comment to the newspaper.

The complaint comes weeks after McDonald was removed from a separate case at the request of the defense attorney, who claimed that the judge's words and actions showed he was biased.

Published 12:58 AM, Sunday Nov. 18, 2012
Updated 08:02 AM, Sunday Nov. 18, 2012

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