KY Police Officer Fined $2 for Striking Man
LOUISVILLE, KY - A Louisville police officer has been fined $2 after being convicted of official misconduct and harassment for striking a handcuffed suspect multiple times.

A Jefferson District Jury on Friday fined officer David Graham $1 for each of the charges stemming from the March 31, 2012 arrest of 19-year-old John R. Sanders. A videotape of Sanders' arrest shows Graham poking Sanders multiple times in the throat and slapping him.

Defense attorney Steve Schroering told The Courier-Journal his client was disappointed at being convicted, but thankful the jury gave him the "absolute minimum penalty."

Graham, a Fourth Division officer who has been on the police force since 1999, could face disciplinary action from the police department.

Published 09:30 AM, Sunday Mar. 10, 2013
Updated 09:39 AM, Sunday Mar. 10, 2013

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