Kentucky Has 8th Highest Obesity Rate in Nation
By Kentucky News Network
LOUISVILLE - The problem of obesity in the nation - and in Kentucky - has gotten worse, not better.  
The Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on Wednesday released their 15th annual report on the state of obesity in America.  
Nationwide, the rates are the highest they've ever been. No state saw a reduction of its obesity rate.  
Kentucky has the eighth highest rate of obesity, with 34.3 percent adult obesity rate.  
For high school students, Kentucky ranks third, with a rate of 20 percent, up for 18.5 percent in 2015.  
African-Americans have a higher rate of obesity in Kentucky, with 40 percent.  

Published 05:57 AM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018
Updated 06:01 AM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018

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