Kentucky Says Toxic Releases Decreasing
FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky officials say an inventory that records toxic releases by industries in the state showed a reduction in releases in 2011.
The Department for Environmental Protection says in a statement that total onsite and offsite toxic releases were 83.6 million pounds in 2011, which is a nearly 14 percent decrease from 2010, when it was 97 million pounds.
The department says more than 90 percent of the 2011 total was attributed to recycling, treatment and energy recovery, instead of releases that go into air, water or land.
The figures include data from 423 facilities and 154 chemicals, including lead and arsenic-based compounds.
The department says the toxic release data shows a downward trend since 1988 that "reflects the success of the Clean Air Act and air quality standards."

Published 03:32 AM, Thursday Jan. 17, 2013
Updated 02:21 PM, Friday Jan. 18, 2013

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