Lawmakers Rush To Pass Bills, Time Running Out
FRANKFORT, KY - With time running short, several key bills, including one to increase Kentucky's dropout age to 18, still are pending in the Legislature.

The odds grow longer with each passing day as lawmakers and the governor negotiate.

Gov. Steve Beshear told reporters Friday that he hopes compromise legislation on the dropout bill will become law in time.

He said a bipartisan proposal is being crafted that would allow school boards to vote on increasing the age in their districts. If 55 percent vote yes, all of Kentucky's districts will have four years to increase the age to 18. The House bill originally called for statewide participation while the Senate proposal allowed school district discretion.

Other unfinished business includes pension reform, redistricting, industrial hemp and exempting Christian-based health insurance from state regulation.

Published 10:55 PM, Friday Mar. 08, 2013
Updated 09:41 AM, Saturday Mar. 09, 2013

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