Man Buys Out KMart, Donates All to Charity
By WestKYStar Staff
WINCHESTER, KY - In a story of  great generosity, a Clark County business owner used his hard-earned money to buy an amazing amount of clothing and supplies to help the less fortunate there.

His name is Rankin Paynter. He was buying items at a Clark County K-Mart before it closed for good. That's when he wondered where all the unsold items were going. A clerk told him that power buyers take it all, so he signed up to be one.

Six hours and four cash registers later, Paynter was the proud owner of over two-hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise, all of which he donated to Clark County Community Services which now will have enough warm clothes to hand out next winter to their surprise and delight. Paynter, who runs Rankin Paynter Buying Center, a jewelry-exchange business in Winchester, also rented a building to store the items.

What I see is people coming in my store, needy people sell their stuff,"  Paynter told WAVE3 News.  "It's bad nowadays. I just told (the clerk) lets just give it away to charity."

Published 01:29 AM, Thursday May. 17, 2012
Updated 07:35 PM, Thursday May. 17, 2012

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