Man Pulls Woman Over and Attempts Assault
By The Associated Press
LONDON, KY - Authorities say a woman reported a man with red and white flashing lights on his vehicle pulled her over on a state highway and attempted to sexually assault her at knife-point.

A news release from Laurel County Sheriff John Root says the woman told deputies she had been driving Wednesday near London, Kentucky when a speeding car approached, flashed red and white lights and pulled her over.

The woman told deputies a man armed with a large hunting knife got into her back seat, forced her to drive to a hayfield and attempted to assault her. She says she managed to escape when he got out along the state highway to make a phone call. She drove to a hospital to get medical attention.

The suspect isn't in custody.

Published 11:00 PM, Friday Sep. 06, 2019
Updated 10:35 AM, Saturday Sep. 07, 2019

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