Neighbor Appeals Order to Stay Away from Sen. Paul
By The Associated Press
BOWLING GREEN - U.S. Sen. Rand Paul's neighbor has appealed a court order to stay away from Paul and his family while a lawsuit is pending.

The Daily News in Bowling Green reports that Rene Boucher's attorney filed paperwork Monday with the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

Special Judge Tyler Gill issued a temporary injunction last month against Boucher, who served 30 days on a federal charge of assaulting a congressman after Paul was tackled outside his house last fall.

Paul sued Boucher in state court for damages related to the assault. Boucher has filed a counterclaim alleging yard waste by Paul constituted a private nuisance.

Boucher's attorney argued against the injunction, saying his client has complied with a separate order issued in the federal criminal case that forbids contact with Rand Paul.

Published 11:09 AM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018
Updated 06:40 PM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018

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