Rand Paul Ready to be Done With Impeachment
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Senator Rand Paul is ready to be done with impeachment, and move on to the nation's business.

Paul spoke on The Greg Dunker Show, on NewsTalk 94.3, about President Trump's impeachment proceedings, and said he believes Nancy Pelosi is to a point that she'll send over the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Paul said, "She thought somehow she had leverage by threatening us with withholding something that we really didn't want to see anyway."

According to Paul, the impeachment trial was partisan in the house with only Democrats voting for the measure, and he expects something similar to happen in the Senate. He says, however, that he is ready to get past the impeachment trial.

"I know of no Republican that's going to vote for impeachment. But I'm really ready to be done with this and to move on to the nation's business." Paul continued, "We've got a trade treaty before us with Canada and Mexico that needs to be addressed. Farmers, many in the shipping industry and others are interested in this trade treaty. So I'd like to move forward."

According to Paul, the trial in the Senate may start next week.

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Senator Rand Paul on The Greg Dunker Show NewsTalk 94.3 WKYX

Published 04:00 PM, Tuesday Jan. 14, 2020
Updated 07:32 PM, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2020



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