Sen. Paul, Others Propose Healthcare Plan
By Kentucky News Network
WASHINGTON, D.C. - A group of conservative lawmakers unveils a proposed alternative to Obamacare.  
The group, that includes Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, says the proposal offers the sale of inexpensive health plans for consumers.  

Paul said, "It's going to expand health savings accounts so people can save to buy their insurance. They can use it for their deductible or their premium, for vitamins, weight loss - you name it - exercise..."

The plan also allows individuals to join "associations" to get lower rates, "so that they are not left out in the cold by themselves to buy insurance in a small insurance pool," Paul said.

Sen. Paul says the plan provides the most coverage for the least cost, something Obamacare failed to do.  

Published 03:17 PM, Wednesday Feb. 15, 2017
Updated 08:17 AM, Thursday Feb. 16, 2017

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