Sen. Rand Paul Talking Filibuster, Health Care
By Donna Groves

In Paducah Tuesday, US Senator Rand Paul said he's still getting lots of attention after his nearly 13-hour filibuster a couple of weeks ago.

"I think that's why this reasonated is that people started to be concerned - not that they really suspected the president would kill an American on American soil but they wondered why he wouldn't say that he wouldn't, why he wouldn't absolutely say that no president has the power to to kill an American without a trial here in the United States. So that was troubling to a lot of people so I think it brought together a lot of people both from the left and right, young and old."

While in town, Paul, opthamologist, and Dr. Barbara Bowers will be doing cataract surgery on some patients who have no health insurance. Paul said several physicians enjoy providing such assistance.

"I think sometimes that's lost in the big debate over the government running health care is that many of the doctors in your community and in my community in Bowling Green they travel overseas to Haiti and the Dominic Republic, various places around the world, to Africa and China to help people. And instead we think 'Oh, the government has to do this. But really we have quite a bit of charitable giving by the medical community.




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Published 10:33 AM, Tuesday Mar. 26, 2013
Updated 03:00 PM, Tuesday Mar. 26, 2013

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