Senate Changes, Passes Taxing Districts Bill
FRANKFORT, KY - Elected county commissioners and magistrates could veto increases in taxes and fees imposed by local taxing districts under changes the Senate has written into a House bill before passing it.

The Senate State and Local Government Committee voted 8-2 on Wednesday to add that provision to the legislation, which would increase oversight of the more than 1,200 tiny taxing districts that have existed largely under the radar of government auditors.

The full Senate, which has a Republican majority, then approved the modified bill a few hours later. The vote was 23-10, mainly along party lines.

The House passed the original measure, which lacked the Senate's changes, 96-1 in early February.

Published 10:41 PM, Wednesday Mar. 06, 2013
Updated 10:42 PM, Wednesday Mar. 06, 2013

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