Senate OKs Disabled Parking Decal Bill
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - Disabled parking placards have proliferated across Kentucky, and a state lawmaker says it's time to crack down on abuses in issuing the decals.

A bill that would limit an applicant to one parking placard was passed by the state Senate on a 35-0 vote Thursday. The measure goes to the House.

Sen. Ernie Harris, the bill's sponsor, says the goal is to ensure only those in need receive placards so they can park as close as possible to where they're going.

The bill would create a more stringent process to obtain the placards. Harris says that in 2008, 32,629 placards were issued statewide. By 2016, nearly 294,000 were issued.

The bill would establish a $10 fee for initial or renewal placards.

Published 09:22 PM, Thursday Feb. 16, 2017
Updated 09:26 PM, Thursday Feb. 16, 2017

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