State Rep. Criticizes Dual License Plan for KY
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MONTICELLO - A Kentucky State Representative is criticizing a plan to offer two identification options for residents, as a federal deadline approaches to bring state licensing into compliance with the federal REAL ID law.

Democratic State Rep. Steve Riggs of Louisville told a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet official on Wednesday that the new system is not up to standards, and would cause “a lot of anguish”. According to a press release from Riggs' office, he made the comments during a presentation by Dept. of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Matt Henderson, who appeared before the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee in Wayne County to highlight how the cabinet will begin issuing two types of driver’s licenses in 2019.

“For some reason, the cabinet has chosen to call these the ‘Standard Credential’ and the ‘Voluntary Travel ID,'" Riggs said.  “Those getting or renewing their licenses will be confused about which one to get.  I guarantee many with the standard credential will almost certainly be upset when they find out they can no longer use it to board a plane or enter a federal government facility like Fort Knox or Fort Campbell down the road. The cabinet should call these a ‘standard’ and a ‘substandard’ ID, because that’s what they are.”

Congress passed the REAL ID law in 2005, which gave states a set amount of time to implement changes so residents could continue to use their driver’s license to board domestic flights and enter federal facilities. Kentucky has yet to comply with the law, and has received several extensions. The state will begin using a new driver’s license and personal ID system in January.

Starting in October 2020, residents who opt for the “Standard Credential” license will need a passport or other federally approved identification to board domestic flights, enter military installations or visit government buildings. Holders of a “Voluntary Travel ID”, which will cost more and require more documentation to obtain, will not require any additional credentials.

Riggs criticized Gov. Matt Bevin for his 2016 veto of legislation that would have brought Kentucky’s driver’s licenses into compliance with the federal law.

“For a governor who prides himself on removing regulations, I cannot fathom why he thinks creating two types of driver’s licenses is a positive move,” Riggs said.  “It’s duplicative, wasteful, confusing and more expensive.

Published 11:52 AM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018
Updated 12:18 PM, Thursday Sep. 13, 2018

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