Judge Dismisses Langhi DUI Charge
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MARSHALL COUNTY - A DUI charge against a local basketball coach has been dropped.

Attorney Don Thomas told West Kentucky Star that the driving under the influence charge against Marshall County High School girls basketball coach Dan Langhi has been dismissed due to insufficient evidence. Thomas said a judge dismissed it after a recent evidentiary hearing found that there was no reliable field sobriety test given during the traffic stop. Langhi still faces a speeding charge.

Langhi was arrested on Jan. 1 following a traffic stop in Marshall County. According to the Marshall County Sheriff's Office, Langhi was driving 98 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone. Langhi refused to submit to a blood test so the arresting officer used a portable breath tester, which led to the DUI charge. 

Thomas said PBT readings have been proven to be unreliable. And because Langhi was so much taller than the arresting officer, the judge ruled there was no way Langhi could have been administered a reliable field sobriety test. Langhi is 6' 11" tall.

Langhi was suspended indefinitely from coaching the Lady Marshals. Aaron Beth was named the interim coach, and led the Lady Marshals to the 1st Region title in March.

Thomas said he's hoping that Langhi will be allowed to resume coaching the Lady Marshals now that the DUI charge has been dropped.

Published 03:47 PM, Friday Jul. 10, 2020
Updated 05:48 AM, Wednesday Jul. 15, 2020



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