Gabe Parker Trial Moved to Christian County
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BENTON - The trial for the accused Marshall County High School shooter Gabriel Parker will be moved to Christian County.

A judge and both attorneys agreed Friday in Marshall Circuit Court to move the trial, according to Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Foust. 

Parker's legal team cited news media coverage and social media discussion as reasons for their May 6 request to move the case. In his response, Foust asked Judge James Jameson to deny the motion, but said if the motion was granted, he would prefer that Christian County be chosen as the alternate venue. He said a venue farther away would be a hardship on witnesses and family members.

The trial is set to start on June 1, 2020. 

Foust said the defense intends to file motions to suppress evidence, and those must be made by July 19. A hearing on those motions is scheduled for August 19 in Marshall County. 

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Published 05:09 PM, Friday May. 17, 2019
Updated 07:15 PM, Saturday May. 18, 2019

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