2018 General Election: Calloway County Results
By Bill Hughes
MURRAY - County-wide races and elections in several cities have been decided in Calloway County.

Former State Representative Republican Kenny Imes won the election for County Judge-Executive, beating three opponents and gathering 53 percent of the vote. Imes got 6,378 votes, with Democrat James Gallimore getting 3,753, Independent William Earl Marcum getting 1,668 and Veteran's Party candidate Vincent Costello getting 548 votes. 

Murray's new Mayor will be Bob Rogers. He got 2,563 votes, defeating Ed Davis, who had 1,950 votes. Current Mayor Jack Rose did not run for re-election. 

Democrat Ricky Garland won the race for Coroner, beating Republican Janus Vilardo. Garland had 7,469 votes and Vilardo had 4,780. Garland was named Interim Coroner in October 2017 when Rick Harris retired. 

Five newcomers will join seven incumbents on the Murray City Council. Three incumbents - Johnny Bohannon, Pat Scott and Jane Shoemaker - were voted off the council, while Danny Hudspeth, Jeremy Bell, Linda Cherry, John Mark Roberts, Burton Young, Dan Miller and Wesley Bolin kept their seats. New members include Pat Seiber, Alice Rouse, Rose Ross Elder, Monty McCuiston, and Terry Strieter (vote totals below).

In the 2nd Magisterial District, Democrat Larry Crutcher received 1,424 votes, defeating Republican Bill Duncan, who got 1,163 votes.

In the 4th Magisterial District, Republican Paul Rister got 1,733 votes and beat Democrat Ralph Rogers, who had 974 votes. 

John "Scooter" Paschall was elected Mayor of Hazel, defeating Alli Hillard Robertson a vote total of 79-68.

The Hazel City Council had six candidates on the ballot, with all six elected. Joe Thompson had 110 votes, Gail Jones 93, Lisa Kell and Lori Charlton had 92, Dale Taylor had 88 and Jodi Hanneman got 79 votes. 

Incumbent Mark Vinson was re-elected to the Murray Independent School District Board, along with Gina Shipley Winchester and Shawn Smee. Vote totals: Winchester 1,553; Smee 1,382; Vinson 1,264; Miranda Terry 1,317; Martin Milkman 838. 

Contitutional Amendment vote (Marsy's Law): Yes 6,481 votes; No 4,652 votes. 

Murray City Council Vote Totals:
Danny O. Hudspeth - 2,439
Jeremy Bell - 1,997
Linda Cherry - 1,869
Patricia 'Pat' W. Seiber - 1,691
John Mark Roberts - 1,660
Alice J. Rouse - 1,655
Burton Young - 1,649
Rose Ross Elder - 1,633
Monty McCuiston - 1,610
Dan M. Miller - 1,593
Wesley Bolin - 1,519
Terry Strieter - 1,495
Donnie Winchester - 1,493
Barbara Cobb - 1,368
Johnny Bohannon - 1,353
Pat Scott - 1,342
Sue Hood - 1,332
Jane Shoemaker - 1,264
Ron 'R. G.' Gladden - 1,263
Deana Wright - 1,224
Jessica Evans - 1,210
Rickie D. Spann - 1,117
Jane  Brandon - 1,081

Published 01:46 AM, Wednesday Nov. 07, 2018
Updated 07:20 PM, Wednesday Nov. 07, 2018

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