August Begins With Near Record Coolness
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - July and August are undisputedly the hottest months of the year in Paducah. Both months have average highs of 89 or 90 degrees all month long, with no real break in the heat until the second half of September.

That makes the temperatures this week all the more remarkable. 

The National Weather Service expects Paducah's first day in August to fall well short of even 80 degrees, at around 76. Sunday and Monday should return to the low 80s, but then much of the rest of next week could again stay in the comfortable 70s all day.

Those numbers are actually in the neighborhood of the all-time marks for cool August temperatures. Each of Paducah's coldest highs for the first week of the month are in the 70s, and the NWS forecast looks to be within a few degrees of the marks for Tuesday and Wednesday (see link below.)

Nightly lows this week could also be 10 to 15 degrees below normal, even as low at the upper 50s on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. However, the all-time lows for Paducah of 54 and 52 degrees look to be safe for the time being.

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Paducah record temperature charts

Published 09:31 AM, Saturday Aug. 01, 2020
Updated 10:25 AM, Saturday Aug. 01, 2020



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