Ballard Family Hopes for Dog's Return
By WestKyStar Staff
WICKLIFFE, KY - If you ask April Ford, she'll tell you that it feels like someone was kidnapped from her home.

She's referring to the family's English Bulldog puppy, Louie, who was taken February 5 during a break-in at the family's Ballard County home. Now, they just want him back. 

There are other items that were taken during the break-in, including iPads that the children received for Christmas. Louie was a Christmas gift, and he bonded easily with the entire family. 

April Ford says her family is offering $1,000 cash for his return with "no questions asked."  This means that, theoretically, the person or persons who took the puppy could bring him back and make money off the crime. Ford says that's not what concerns her.

"I don't care who brings him home. I don't care if it's the people who took him...We just want him back. No questions asked."

The Ballard County Sheriff's Department is investigating the break-in as well.  

A Facebook page with photos of Louie has been created: It's called "Bring Louie Home Wickliffe Kentucky." 

Ford says Louie was twelve weeks old when he was taken and weighed about fifteen pounds. His right front leg had been shaven from receiving an intravenous line at the veterinarian's office. 

Ford says no one had said or done anything regarding Louie that would raise concern that he might be stolen.  

Published 02:15 PM, Monday Feb. 18, 2013
Updated 05:46 PM, Wednesday Mar. 06, 2013

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