Beware of Fake Money in Carlisle County
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CARLISLE COUNTY, KY - Fake money is apparently circulating again in Carlisle County.

The Carlisle County Sheriff's Office says someone has been passing fake twenty dollar bills at local businesses. According to deputies, the twenty dollar bills are actually fake money used in the motion picture business.

The fake bills have “This is a Replica” on the chest of the president, and the word “Replica” may appear under the serial number. The fake bills will also have “Motion Picture Industry” to the left of the President in tiny print.

The sheriff's office is asking all retailers to use the counterfeit pen to check all $20, $50 and $100 bills to ensure authenticity. And, any retailer who catches someone trying to pass the fake bills is asked to contact the sheriff's office. Deputies say the fake money looks very real and is legal to possess but illegal to pass off as real currency.

This is the second time this year the fake money has turned up in Carlisle County. 

Published 10:29 AM, Monday May. 14, 2018
Updated 11:20 AM, Tuesday May. 15, 2018

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