Bullet Found on Crittenden County School Bus
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CRITTENDEN COUNTY - A Crittenden County student found a bullet on a school bus Tuesday morning.

According to Crittenden County Schools, the 22 caliber bullet was found by the student on the way to school, and it was given to the bus driver.

Officials with the School System, along with the School Resource Officer, secured the bus and conducted a security check of the bus, as well as each student on the bus. There was no other ammunition found, and they determined it was safe to allow the students to go to their classes.

Parents of the students on the bus were notified of the situation.

Crittenden County School Officials explained that safety and security is a top priority, and they were pleased that the student reported what was found immediately.

Published 03:45 PM, Tuesday Nov. 06, 2018
Updated 01:59 AM, Wednesday Nov. 07, 2018

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