Burn Bans Continue in Spite of Rain
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Although rain and some thunderstorms finally arrived on Sunday and Monday, burn bans are still in place for all counties in the Jackson Purchase.

According to the Kentucky Department of Forestry on Tuesday, 75 counties remain on the statewide burn ban list, down from 109 last week.

But all counties west of the lakes are still under a burn ban. The only lake county not on the current burn ban list is Trigg County.

The bans are in place until the counties experience at least one inch of rainfall, or are removed by officials.

In addition, Kentucky's annual fall forest fire hazard season is not in effect through Dec. 15. During forest fire hazard season, it is illegal to burn between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. within 150 feet of any woodland or brush land.

According to the Kentucky Department of Forestry, burn bans generally prohibit the following:

Burning leaves or debris.
Campfires, bonfires and warming fires.
Open pit cooking and charcoal grilling.
Burning of forest, grass, crops, woodlands, marshes or other similar areas.
Use of fireworks and welding may also be prohibited or regulated.

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Published 09:40 PM, Tuesday Oct. 08, 2019
Updated 05:45 AM, Wednesday Oct. 09, 2019



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