CFSB Continues Spirit of Watermelon Bust
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BENTON - The 46th Annual Watermelon Bust was cancelled this year, but CFSB says they found a way to carry on the spirit of the community event.

Due to concerns over COVID-19, CFSB decided in May to cancel the event, which was originally scheduled to take place August 1 at Marshall County High School.

Money budgeted for the event was donated to area food banks. Some of the donations were given in the form of money, while they say other food pantries preferred watermelons from local farmers.

"We wanted to show our commitment to the communities that we serve," said CFSB President Jason Jones. "We know that our area food banks have been hit hard these past few months.  Our team is excited that we can still find ways to help out!"

For more information about CFSB, visit the link below.

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Published 04:08 PM, Thursday Aug. 13, 2020
Updated 09:21 AM, Friday Aug. 14, 2020



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