Calloway Co. Sheriff's Office Updates Services
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CALLOWAY COUNTY - The Calloway County Sheriff's Office has updated their services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Friday press release, Calloway County Sheriff, Sam Steger, announced the following changes to their services:

• Vehicle inspections are suspended until further notice.

• Property tax collection will take place online.

• Deputies are still responding to emergency calls.

• Deputies will still handle Emergency Protective Orders, Emergency Custody Orders, and Mental Health Petitions 24 hours a day, through their after hours entrance on the west end of the building.

• For any non-emergency situations, deputies will contact residents by phone and determine if the complaint warrants a face to face visit.

Steger says their 911 center will continue their normal operations, and the 911 Coordinator will continue taking calls regarding new 911 addresses. Staff will be available to answer any questions by phone at 270-753-3151.

Published 05:00 PM, Saturday Mar. 21, 2020
Updated 02:57 PM, Saturday Mar. 21, 2020



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