Calloway County Collision Leaves One Injured
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CALLOWAY COUNTY - A two-vehicle collision in Calloway County Wednesday sent one person to the hospital.

The Calloway County Sheriff's Office says Jaqeesha Johnson, of Union City, TN, was traveling west on KY 94 West. Deputies say Anthony Saunders, of Murray, was also traveling behind Johnson.

A vehicle in front of Johnson slowed to make a turn, and Johnson slowed behind that vehicle. Saunders stated that he had taken his eyes off of the road momentarily and did not see that Johnson’s vehicle had slowed, and collided with Johnson.

Johnson was transported by ambulance to Murray-Calloway County Hospital. Saunders was not injured.


Published 06:09 AM, Thursday Sep. 12, 2019
Updated 05:35 AM, Friday Sep. 13, 2019



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