Calloway County Police Arrest Two-State Fugitive
By Murray Ledger & Times
NEW CONCORD - Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger announced Monday that his agency was able to capture a Henry County woman with a penchant for eluding law enforcement in at least five counties and two states.

The Murray Ledger & Times reported that 21-year-old Lacey Day of Buchanan, TN, had evaded capture on several occasions, and was the target of a pursuit by both Calloway County and Henry County deputies.

"I'm glad we finally got her," said Steger, who said he himself had come out on the losing end of a pursuit of Day a few weeks earlier.  Steger had received information on the radio that Day was at Gary's Market at the state line in a blue car.  

"I tried to get out of my vehicle and that's when she was able to get to her car and she fled," Steger said.

Steger said Day's vehicle was able to maneuver well on the winding, curvy and often gravel roads.  He said he had to call off the chase after losing sight of the car.

Wednesday, information was received that Day had rented a room at the Cypress Springs Resort on the Kentucky side of the state line. 

Chief Deputy Nicky Knight performing a well-executed acting job that did one very important thing, guide Day away from her vehicle.

"We all went down there in our uniforms, but Nicky was in plain clothes, so he was able to pose like someone who was looking for another person and would ask if anybody had seen the person.  So he comes up to Lacey, and she is in her car," Steger said.  "She doesn't know Nicky though, and he's not in his uniform. So he starts talking to her and she gets out of the car to talk to him and he was able to nab her.”

The apprehension of Day was welcome news to Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew.

“She’s got a lot of rabbit in her,” Belew said. “We chased her when she was in her car, on a motorcycle, on foot. I think about the only thing we didn’t chase her on was a boat."

The Calloway County Jail said Day is incarcerated with no bond, based on the fact that she is classified as a fugitive. Steger said he suspects her case will not stay in a county court system, more than likely becoming an issue for the federal system, being that she has outstanding warrants in multiple jurisdictions and multiple states. 

In Calloway County, she is charged with buying/possessing drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree (greater than 2 grams of methamphetamine), fleeing or evading police in the first degree (motor vehicle), possession of no operators/moped license. 

She also faces various charges in Henry County, Ohio County and Todd County. 

In addition, two other women were taken into custody Wednesday that Steger said are acquaintances of Day. One was 24-year-old Teara Dunn, of Almo, who was Day's passenger during the pursuit. Dunn is free on bond after being charged with drug paraphernalia possession, possession of a controlled substance and hindering prosecution/apprehension in the first degree. 

The other person taken into custody was 40-year-old Christina Ethier, of Murray. She is charged with  drug paraphernalia possession and possession of meth in the first degree and is also out of jail at the present time.

Published 06:00 PM, Tuesday Jul. 09, 2019
Updated 09:02 PM, Wednesday Jul. 10, 2019

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