Candidates Can Get Equipped for Campaigns Saturday
By Bill Hughes
CADIZ, KY - A Candidate Training Summit in Madisonville Saturday is designed to equip conservatives who might want to represent their neighbors on a local or state level.

Richard Nelson of the Commonwealth Policy Center said they hope to meet a need with the event, as he explained its purpose.

"To help elevate and train conservative candidates to run for office. There's really a need for principled, strong conservative candidates to run," Nelson said.

The summit is from 8am-4pm at the City Park Clubhouse. It is open to conservative candidates and campaign workers.  

Speakers at the event include state legislators, a former ambassador, a county attorney, and a media panel. They will cover areas that candidates should know about, with the goal of running credible, winning campaigns.

Nelson is currently a first-term Magistrate in Trigg County, but has been involved in statewide policy discussions for years. He said there have been times when someone told him, "somebody should run," and he replied, "why not you?"

Nelson said there are many who agree that change and good leadership are needed, but he added that's it's not always a job for "somebody else".

"I've heard it said that, you know, government is too important to be left to the politicians. We need good people, regular people, people who have a desire to serve, and people who want to make a difference," Nelson said.

Nelson said in his recent experience, there is an incredible level of dissatisfaction with government, nationally and in Kentucky.

"People realize that we need to change course, we need different leaders, more principled leaders in general," Nelson said. "It doesn't mean that all leaders are bad, but we need leadership with those people who have solid principles and solid values. Not just to see their name in the headlines or to make a name for themselves, but people who really have a servant's heart, who will become statesmen and make decisions for all of us that will really benefit the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

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Published 04:17 PM, Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013
Updated 05:44 PM, Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013