Crew Spraying Brine in Advance of Forecast Snow
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Crews from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are pre-treating roads since weather forecasts are calling for a mixture of sleet and snow this weekend.

After it is sprayed, the brine dries to leave a fine powder of salt on the pavement. It becomes activated during the early hours of a snow and ice event, which can keep driving conditions a little better during that time. The brine also keeps snow and ice from bonding to the road, which helps when snow plows begin their work.

Crews will start brine spraying activities on “C” Snow and Ice Routes, then move to “B” routes and “A” routes.

The less-traveled routes are sprayed first since they have less traffic, which can wear the salt off the road. “A” routes, which are Interstates, US Highways, and other more heavily traveled routes, are treated last so more remains on them when winter weather begins.

Drivers should use appropriate caution when they see spray trucks over the next two days. When on I-24 and I-69, the Supertanker and sprayer should be running near normal highway speeds.

Published 12:09 PM, Wednesday Dec. 05, 2018
Updated 08:39 AM, Thursday Dec. 06, 2018