Deputies Charge Jailed Man with Stealing Car
By Joe Jackson
SEDALIA, KY - A man already in jail was charged this week with stealing a car. On Wednesday, Graves County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 1512 State Route 97 on a stolen vehicle complaint. Upon arrival at the home, deputies talked with Leland Vaughn, who reported that his 2002 Ford Taurus was missing.

As deputies were gathering information from Vaughn, Kentucky State Police dispatch advised that Mayfield Police had already located the car. A Mayfield Police officer had made a traffic stop on the vehicle about an hour before the complaint came in.

The officer had arrested James Gray for operating a motor vehicle under the influence and operating a motor vehicle without an operator’s license. Deputies then went to the Graves County Jail and charged Gray with theft of a motor vehicle.

According to deputies, Gray is Vaughn’s step-son and lived with him and his wife.

Published 12:26 PM, Thursday Sep. 12, 2013
Updated 09:59 AM, Friday Sep. 13, 2013

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