Felony Charge Dropped Against Former Dispatcher
By Bill Hughes
MURRAY - A former Marshall County dispatcher appeared in court Thursday on two charges, but one of them was dropped.

According to the Calloway County Circuit Court Clerk, Tonya Clevidence was facing a felony charge of identity theft and a misdemeanor charge of harassing communications. However, the judge found no probable cause for the identity theft charge, so it was dropped. 

The charges stem from an investigation into a woman's complaint that her ex-husband had accused her of sending harassing text and Facebook messages to him and Clevidence. Investigation eventually led to Clevidence, and detectives say she confessed to using a spoof text message app on her phone and setting up a fake Facebook account to make it appear that messages were coming from the victim. She reportedly said she started the scheme to get information on her own ex-husband, but then said she couldn't stop. Eventually, her own family members were also getting fake messages, which allegedly became more and more explicit.

Clevidence is scheduled to appear in court on March 11 for the remaining charge of harassing communications. 

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Published 01:22 PM, Friday Feb. 14, 2020
Updated 06:08 PM, Sunday Feb. 16, 2020



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