Graves County Collision Sends One to Hospital
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY - A two-vehicle accident Monday in Graves County left one person injured.

The crash happened around 4:00 pm at the intersection of US 45 North and State Route 408. The Graves County Sheriff's Office says Shirley Speed was traveling south on US 45 North and thought she had the green light and continued into the intersection.

At the same time, a vehicle driven by Tabitha Hardwick entered the intersection from State Route 408 West. The two vehicles collided, sending Speed’s vehicle through the median and coming to rest in the northbound turn lane. Hardwick’s car was pushed further into the intersection and came to rest between the north and southbound lanes.

A witness at the scene told deputies that the light was green when Hardwick entered the intersection.

Speed was transported to Jackson Purchase Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Published 06:07 AM, Tuesday Jun. 30, 2020
Updated 06:58 PM, Tuesday Jun. 30, 2020



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