Graves County Has 36 New Cases of COVID-19
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY - Graves County now has 456 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The Graves County Health Department announced 36 new cases of the virus.

Thirty-three of the new cases are isolating at home. They include two children, three teenagers, seven people in their 20's, six people in their 30's, three people in their 40's, four people in their 50's, six people in their 60's, one person in their 70's, and one person in their 80's.

The three other cases are isolating in a hospital. They include a woman in her 40's, a woman in her 60's, and a man in his 70's.

“Please protect yourself and others.” said Kathy Gifford, Nurse Supervisor for the local health department. 

“In all that we do, we need to be kind and considerate of others. Stress and mental exhaustion takes a toll on everyone differently and we need to be aware of that.” commented Noel Coplen, Director of the local health department.

Health officials remind the public to make social distancing a priority "for the sake of our entire community."

Anyone with general questions about COVID-19 should contact the KY COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-722-2725 or the Graves County Health Department at 270-247-3553.

You can find additional information on COVID-19 at the link below.

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Kentucky COVID-19 website

Published 07:15 PM, Monday Jul. 27, 2020
Updated 10:58 AM, Tuesday Jul. 28, 2020



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