Graves Sheriff's Office Issues Scam Alert, Again
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY - Telephone scammers are at it again in western Kentucky.

The Graves County Sheriff's Office says several people have fallen victim to this scam over the past few weeks. Police say the scammer will call and identify himself as Captain Jeremy Prince with the Sheriff's Office, then tell the potential victim there is a warrant for their arrest, but if they pay a fee the warrant will be dropped.

Deputies say the scammer has also been saying the warrant has been issued by the Honorable Judge Jesse Perry.

The victim is asked to purchase some type of card such as MoneyGram or Green Dot. The scammer will then get the numbers on the back of the card and the money will be immediately transferred to the scammer's account.

According to deputies, the number the scammer has been calling from recently is 270-356-8168. If you call that number, you get a recording that says, “you have reached the sheriff's department court services division.”

Officials with the Graves County Sheriff's Office says most of these scams originate from outside of the United States, so there is no way for the scammers to be prosecuted. Officials also say the Graves County Sheriff's Office will never ask for any type of payment to have a warrant dismissed. Any type of payment that is made on an arrest warrant would be a bond payment, and those can only be made at the Graves County Circuit Clerk's Office or at the Graves County Jail.

The Graves County Sheriff's Office number is 270-247-4501, and deputies say when you call that number, you will be answered by a clerk, deputy or dispatcher.

Published 10:59 AM, Wednesday Jan. 09, 2019
Updated 08:45 AM, Thursday Jan. 10, 2019

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