Green Turtle Bay Fire Destroys Pier, Boats
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAND RIVERS - A fire early Sunday morning destroyed a pier and several boats at Green Turtle Bay Marina and Resort in Grand Rivers.
At approximately 3:00 am, the fire broke out on Pier 11. The fire was proceeded by an electrical storm at around 2:30 am. The first report of the fire to management was made by a boater on an adjoining dock. 

By 3:30 am fire fighters from Livingston, Lyon, and Marshall Counties were engaged in attempts to contain the fire utilizing fire boats and land-based equipment.

Green Turtle Bay said in a Monday press release that nine boats were destroyed and sank in the water, but, "By the grace of God no one was seriously injured in this catastrophe."

Another heavy rainstorm at 4:00 am reportedly helped the firefighters prevent the spread of the fire to other docks in the harbor. 

Green Turtle Bay said the fire was brought under control by 6:00 am and the harbor was quickly cordoned off to protect the surrounding environment. A representative of the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection was present and assisted in the recovery. By late Sunday afternoon the debris from the fire had been removed from the harbor and the remaining boats at this pier had been moved to other locations in the marina.
Officials say environmental clean-up resumed Monday morning, and sheen from the fuel spillage is being removed by marina personnel. Salvage companies have reportedly been called to remove the sunken vessels from the harbor and take them to approved reclamation sites over the next few days.
Green Turtle Bay says they plan to remove and replace pier 11, hopefully before the end of the boating season. However, that will be dependent upon the availability of materials and labor.
The cause of the fire has not been determined by officials.

Published 01:50 PM, Monday Jul. 13, 2020
Updated 05:49 AM, Tuesday Jul. 14, 2020



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