'Healthy Carlisle' Walking Trail is Paved
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CARLISLE COUNTY - A representative of Healthy Carlisle confirms that their walking trail at the City of Arlington has been asphalted and is now safe to work on. In addition, a 5k marathon event will be held on location on August 10th to celebrate the occasion. 

The Healthy Carlisle Color Walk and 5k run will be started and stopped at the walking trail with the route going through Arlington. A new addition to this year's 5k marathon is that trophies will be given towards children who participate. All proceeds will go towards improving the walking trail and Healthy Carlisle. Memorial benches are also available for donation.

Food vendors participating include the local fire department, and Healthy Carlisle is also looking for potential sponsors and volunteers.

Forms are available or at the Arlington City Hall. 

Published 11:00 PM, Wednesday Jun. 26, 2019
Updated 02:31 PM, Wednesday Jun. 26, 2019

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