Hickman Police Dept. Adjusts to Current Conditions
By West Kentucky Star Staff
HICKMAN - The City of Hickman Police Department is continuing to serve residents, but in a more cautious way.

KYTN reports that Police Chief Tony Grogan spoke about protocols that are now in place, while patrolling on the street.

He stressed they are taking basic precautions by social distancing as much as possible, and that they are there for every call, but may not go inside a home if it is not needed.

"People are scared, and we want to do our part to calm that as best we can", Chief Grogan added.

He also said he still prefers to answer calls on a personal basis, but will allow staff members to address low priority complaints by phone.

Published 07:00 PM, Monday Mar. 23, 2020
Updated 05:39 PM, Monday Mar. 23, 2020



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