Juvenile Arrested, Dogs Seized in Carlisle County
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CARLISLE COUNTY - An incident in Carlisle County Sunday led to the seizure of two dogs and the arrest of a juvenile.

The Carlisle County Sheriff's Office says deputies were called to assist the Arlington Animal Control with the apprehension of two dogs. The dogs had allegedly attacked and killed a three-month-old puppy in the puppy's yard while it was chained to a lead.

The dogs were eventually seized at a home in the 100 Block of Hobbs Street. Immediately after seizing the animals, deputies say a juvenile at the home became enraged and failed to follow orders to go inside. The juvenile was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and terroristic threatening.

Deputies say additional charges may be filed against the adult residents regarding the harboring of vicious dogs.The two dogs that were seized are being housed and cared for at a facility maintained by the county until the incident is resolved by the court. 

Deputies say the City of Arlington has ordinances in place that govern pets within the city limits of Arlington, and Carlisle County has provisions that require the annual licensing of dogs within county limits.

Published 08:25 PM, Monday Feb. 18, 2019
Updated 08:33 PM, Monday Feb. 18, 2019

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