KYTC Seeks Input on Mayfield Transportation Needs
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is beginning a city-wide planning study in Mayfield that will seek public input on transportation issues.  

The Small Urban Transportation Study will be conducted through Aug. 14, and will examine a number of transportation safety and congestion issues within the Mayfield area. 

Transportation Cabinet District 1 Chief Engineer Kyle Poat says the study is to identify long-term projects for future planning and also short-term transportation enhancements that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

“Analysts will investigate existing traffic patterns and study recent crash data to understand big-picture issues in and around Mayfield,” Poat said. “In addition, our engineers need your help to identify highways around town that could better serve the public.  The more feedback we get from the community, the better.”

The study will seek answers to such questions as:

· Are there bottlenecks or congested intersections with long waits?

· Are there turns in which drivers have limited vision?

· Are there curves or narrow lanes or shoulders?

· Are there intersections that could benefit from a turn lane?

The KYTC online effort to gather community input is available at the link below. The GIS-based platform allows you to drop a pin and leave a description to indicate conditions at specific locations that may be worthy of additional study. 

Once community input is collected, KYTC engineers and consultants will conduct a technical analysis of each location to develop proposals for safety and traffic flow enhancements at specific sites.

A study report will be published in 2021 to identify improvement priorities and planning-level cost estimates.  The information can then be used to aid decision-makers in seeking funding for proposed projects and adjustments to traffic flow configuration.

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Published 08:33 AM, Tuesday Jul. 14, 2020
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