LBL Seeks Comment on Pisgah Bay Project
By The Associated Press
GOLDEN POND, KY - Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area is accepting public comment on an environmental assessment project to improve forest health in the Pisgah Bay Area.

The 5,160 acres project area sits adjacent to Pisgah Bay at the north end of Land Between The Lakes in Lyon County.

The project will integrate ecology, education, recreation, wildlife, heritage, and the science of forest management to restore the oak-hickory and Shortleaf Pine tree stands native to the area. In addition, plans include removing invasive species choking native plants, herbs, grasses and trees.

Proposed actions include prescribed fire, herbicide treatment of non-native invasive species, timber treatments, and a rerouting of approximately 2.7 miles of the North/South Trail.

The scoping comment period ends Monday, April 21. Comments can be emailed to



Published 05:49 AM, Tuesday Apr. 15, 2014
Updated 09:15 AM, Tuesday Apr. 15, 2014

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