Local Churches Hold Sunday Service at the Drive In
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Churches in western Kentucky have found a unique way to practice social distancing while still holding a Sunday service.

In a Facebook post, Pathway Baptist Church in Calvert City has announced they will be hosting their regular Sunday service at the Calvert City Drive In. Those attending will worship from within their vehicles with live music and preaching.

The post said, "The Bible calls for our church to meet together regularly, but we also need to love each other and our community by doing what we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our solution is that we will be having our regular Sunday Morning Service at the Calvert Drive In Theater. Though it's not a perfect solution, we are so looking forward to gathering once more as a church to worship the Lord this Sunday at 10:30 AM from our cars at the Calvert Drive In Theatre. Please join us!"

Pastor Mike Donald told WKMS that the service was their unique way to engage the congregation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, "I don’t even know if it’s the next best thing, but it’s just maybe more of a novelty idea of gathering together and worshipping the Lord."

Following his restrictions on public gatherings on Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear responded to the idea.

"I believe this is a creative solution as long as there is the distance in between those cars." Beshear said, "We want to see creativity. We want to see ways they can connect. But we have to make sure they follow that guidance."

Donald told WKMS that the feedback they had received after the announcement has been overwhelming, although positive.

Following the announcement from Pathway Baptist, Grace Life Church in Mayfield followed their lead and made a similar announcement.

According to Liv Crawford with Grace Life Church, they will be holding a Drive In church service on March 22 at 10 am. The service is set to take place at the Mayfield Plaza on Paris Road.

Worship and a message from Pastor Chad Lamb will be played through the FM dial on the radio. Church officials say that cars should be parked in every other parking space to ensure the six feet distancing requirement is followed. There will also be law enforcement at the entrances to ensure that everyone remains in their vehicles.

Pastor Lamb is asking attendees to honk their horns to 'amen' him, and to turn on their flashers if someone in their vehicle gets saved. For anyone that can not attend the service, it will also be streamed at the link below.

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Published 11:37 AM, Saturday Mar. 21, 2020
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