Local Utilities Won't Disconnect Federal Workers
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Two local electric and telecommunications providers are allowing furloughed federal workers to postpone paying their bills.

West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative and WK&T Telecommunications Cooperative released a statement Friday, saying they will keep federal employees connected through the government shutdown by allowing them to postpone their bill payments. Any federal employee who can’t pay their bill for power, TV, phone, security or broadband due to the shutdown will not be disconnected from service. After presenting their federal employee ID at a West Kentucky RECC and a WK&T office, the impacted customers will be allowed to postpone their bill until federal backpay arrives.

“We know that members who are furloughed government workers are concerned about managing their bills, and we are ready to provide assistance tailored to their specific situation,” said Heather Foley, vice president of finance and administration for West Kentucky RECC.

The program, announced Thursday, will run through the end of the shutdown. Company officials said bills will still need to be paid, but there will be no late penalties.

“These members of our community are missing paychecks through no fault of their own,” says WK&T CEO Trevor Bonnstetter. “As cooperatives, we are committed to our members, so we’re taking these steps to be flexible through this trying situation for their families.”

To be eligible, members must contact West Kentucky RECC and WK&T when they receive their disconnection notice. Members will be asked to provide proof of your government employment and furlough impact via fax, email or in-person visit. The customer service representative will work with affected members to develop an individual plan to help address billing concerns.
For more information, West Kentucky RECC members can call 877-495-7322. WK&T members can call 877-954-8748.

Published 09:57 AM, Friday Jan. 18, 2019
Updated 11:38 AM, Wednesday Jan. 23, 2019

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