Marshall Co. Civil Lawsuits Get 1st Court Hearing
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BENTON, KY - Marshall Circuit Judge James Jameson heard motions Tuesday in the first hearings for two civil lawsuits related to the Marshall County High School shootings. 

Three surviving victims of the shooting and the parents of Bailey Holt filed a civil lawsuit on January 21 against Gabriel Parker, his mom and stepfather, and at least 16 others who worked in the school system or as counselors.  

The parents of Preston Cope filed a lawsuit January 23 against Parker, his mother, Mary Minyard, and stepfather, Justin Minyard.

Judge Jameson heard both lawsuits in the same hearing.

According to the Circuit Court Clerk, two motions were ruled upon. One calls for the court to appoint a guardian ad litem for defendant Parker. A guardian ad litem is an adult who represents the interests of a minor in court. Although Parker would be present during criminal proceedings, it's not likely he would be at most portions of the civil trials.

The second motion calls for appointment of a special bailiff to serve a defendant or defendants who don't live in the county.

Another hearing in the lawsuits has not yet been set. 

Published 06:10 PM, Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019
Updated 07:44 PM, Wednesday Feb. 13, 2019

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