Mayfield Man Jailed After Gunshot Incident
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - A Mayfield man has been arrested after firing a gunshot.

According to the Mayfield Police Department, 57-year-old Rayford Morefield had a verbal and physical altercation with a guest of a neighbor on West James Street.
Officers say Morefield then went back to his home, retrieved a gun, returned, and shot a truck. He then allegedly left the area.

Responding officers searched the area but could not make contact with Morefield. While gathering information, Morefield returned to his nearby home.

He was detained and taken to the Mayfield Police Department for an interview, and confessed to shooting the truck.

Morefield was taken to the Graves County Jail, charged with five counts of first degree wanton endangerment, and also first degree criminal mischief.

Published 05:01 PM, Sunday Jul. 21, 2019
Updated 09:08 PM, Monday Jul. 22, 2019



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